As I sat down to write this blog post. I was in amazement, I can’t believe we are in the 4th Quarter of the year! Where did the time go? Well it is not to late for you to stop, change and start the way you are connecting with others to effect your bottom line.

I would like to share with you 3 Tips on how to strategically do this:

1. Stop: You have to stop thinking from an area of lack or disadvantage.

What do I mean by this? You might say I am too weak, I do not have enough of money or experience. You want to meet your goals right? It could be your health goals, sales goals or your financial goals. For example let’s us use the goal of losing 10 pounds. You automatically think that oh I have to do this by myself no one else understands why I can’t loose the extra ten pounds, no one else sneak chocolate at night but me………In reality many people struggle with the same things. They are not honest enough to tell you but they do. Me included.

If you sneak chocolate at night You are “technically” an expert in that area….. So why not start a Stop sneaking and eating chocolate at night group….. You identify something you have in common with other people who sneaks chocolate.

So why not use this “common thread” to your advantage by connecting with those other like minded chocolate eating people. This may sound funny but remember we have to “Connect to Collect”. When you stop thinking from an area of lack and think from area of abundance you will get better results.

2. Change what you are doing:

Like I had mentioned previously when you stop thinking from an area of lack and disadvantage and start thinking what you have to offer. You will automatically change what you are doing. Change how you cultivate relationships. Did you know that cultivating relationship is compounded?

Most of you have gone to networking events to find new business you exchange business cards have great conversation and follow up with an email to try to get business and you stop. Growth is compounded and growing relationships is strategic. So you have to build the relationship over time to get the biggest return.
What happens from a networking event everyone passed out their cards and you have gotten cards…like 100 of them.

What makes you stand out from all the other business cards that were handed out?

When you convey to the person, what can I do to bring you business, would for sure make you stand out. Always remember relationship cultivation is not a one way street we want the boomerang effect. What you put out is what you are going to get but you want to “stand out” to get the maximum effect.

3. Start now!

How many of you have gone to several work shops, conference, lunch and learns and was like this was great information and once I get everything aligned I am going to start?

Do you know the longer you wait to do something the less likely you will do it. So I am telling you nothing will ever fully be aligned! This is really your stuck story oh I wish I had more time, oh I wish the kids was not to young, oh I wish I could stop eating and sneaking chocolate… I want you to get to your star story…. Something They Always Remember!

I am not plugging NIKE ….but Just do it! Get your i-pad, a piece a paper, your journal and write your very own PSE Personal Statement of Empowerment and move!

Please share with me your PSE’s with me.

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